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Everyday Tools to Use for Self Defense

There is something near you, right now, that could be used as a self-defense tool. Maybe it’s the car keys that are in your pocket. It might be the knives in your kitchen. It could even be the pen that is sitting next to you at your desk.

Improvised self-defense weapons can help you to turn everyday tools that you use into an effective defensive item. Here are some ideas that you can use to keep you and your home safe.

#1. Anything that looks like a stick.

A cane, a baseball bat, a golf club, a broom, and an umbrella: they all have similar self-defense properties. Something that you can wield in your hands to crack it over the head or on the knees of an attacker can give you an advantage. Stick-like items can also be rammed into the eyes, throat, or groin and potentially disable the attacker.

#2. Look deeper into the kitchen.

Most kitchens have knives, but there are a plethora of additional self-defense tools that could be used. Take the meat thermometer, for example. Its sharp end would disable an attacker if the pointed end were thrust into the throat or an eye. Pots and pans are effective weapons. A fork can be effectively stabbed into the neck or face. If you keep canned goods, then you have projectile weapons to throw at your attacker as well.

#3. Office supplies are an incredible resource.

On the average desk, you might have a pair of scissors. There might be a letter opener. If you have picture frames on your desk, then you have glass that can be broken into a shard and used like a knife. Even your coffee mug can be used for a blunt force defense on an attacker’s head quite effectively.

This is one good reason to keep a paperweight on your desk.

#4. Frozen foods can do a lot of damage.

Frozen eggs are one of the best self-defense weapons you can have. It’s like throwing a rock at an attacker and it can do a surprising amount of damage. Any of your frozen food items can create an impact that could potentially stop an attacker cold… no pun intended.

#5. Defensive opportunities are also good.

If you can’t locate a weapon, then try to locate a shield. Any thick hardcover book can do the trick if someone is trying to stab you. Maybe that’s a good reason to start reading James Patterson or the early works of John Grisham. A briefcase, backpack, or even a pillow can make for an effective shield in an emergency as well.

#6. Fall in love with the pillow talk.

A pillow case is one of the best self-defense weapons you have. Stuff it with anything hard that you can find. At our home, we have a pillow case stuffed with some old padlocks we got for free down at the local junkyard. One smack in the head with that will knock someone out cold for sure.

Self-defense doesn’t need to be about fancy gadgets or effective tools. Sometimes the best defense is what you have lying around the house. Having a stun gun or taser is good, but having one with these options available at the same will give you more opportunities to disable an attacker or create an escape path.

Don’t ignore your need for defense. The world is changing. With items like these at your disposal, it will be much easier to keep yourself and your household safe.

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