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How to Make Your Own Self-Defense Sprays

One effective method of self-defense is to use a spray that can disable an attacker for a brief period so you can get away. Pepper sprays tend to be the most effective because of the immediate sting and potential temporary blindness that can be caused.

When combined with one of the best tasers or stun guns for self-defense, you’ll have an effective self-defense plan.

Here is how you can make an emergency self-defense spray right now from the items you have at home.

#1. Select the hot pepper. Peppers are rated on what is called the Scoville Heat Unit (SHU) scale. For a pepper spray to be effective, you need to use a pepper that is at least 30,000 SHU. A quick run down to the grocery store to grab some habanero peppers, which can be up to 350,000 SHU, will help you to get started. You’re going to need 6 peppers.

#2. Grab your other items. You’ll need one large garlic bulb, a dryer for your peppers, safety equipment (rubber gloves, safety glasses, and a respirator), a grinder, vegetable chopper, funnel, vinegar, mineral oil, and a container that will seal properly. Water can be substituted for the mineral oil and vinegar if needed.

#3. Prepare the peppers. You’ll need to dry the pepper out. A dehydrator is your best option, but sun-drying them will also work. Once they are fully dehydrated, you’ll want to grind them to a fine powder. Then place the garlic bulb into the pepper powder and grind them together.

#4. Add the wet ingredients. Once the garlic and pepper are fully mixed, add 4 TBSP of mineral oil into the blender with the dry ingredients. Then add 12 oz of vinegar (rubbing alcohol is also effective). Add the vinegar slowly to avoid splashing.

#5. Allow the product to sit overnight. You’ll want to pour the liquid through the funnel into a large spray bottle so it can sit overnight. The heat from the peppers will infuse into the liquid and add to the potency of your concoction. If you have time, you may even wish to let it sit for 48 hours.

#6. Strain the liquid. Using a strainer (cheesecloth is often the best), pour the liquid mixture into another spray bottle. You can use any leftover liquid in your garden or around the house to prevent pests from causing problems. Then seal your container and you’re ready to use a pepper spray.

One quick note: if you don’t have peppers, you can use powdered cayenne pepper or habanero pepper from the spice aisle to create your DIY pepper spray.

This liquid spray may not be legal in your jurisdiction. Check local laws before creating it.

Knowing how to make your own self-defense sprays can help you protect yourself wherever you may be. Follow these steps and you’ll have a fast and affordable spray that you can make at home.

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