About Self Defense Guide

Hi there! My name is James Harshman. Welcome to my little site.

I never really thought about self-defense when growing up. I’m from a small town, population 1,300, and everyone literally knew everyone else. The only crime we ever had was speeding down the highway and telling one of our two police officers that our speedometer broke.

As I got older and started working with at-risk populations, I came to realize how important self-defense, in its many forms, happens to be. It became a passion of mine. Over the past decade, I’ve been trained in multiple forms of formalized self-defense, taught de-escalation techniques to police departments, and showed thousands how they can protect themselves with everything from a pen to a stun gun.

Now my experiences can be your next best asset here at Self Defense Guide.

Self-defense isn’t just about choosing the right Taser, pepper spray, or other weapon. Don’t get me wrong – it’s important. It’s just not the only thing. Self-defense is an attitude.

You must have a willingness to look for a way out. You must have the desire to stand and fight for your life, if that becomes necessary. If you don’t have that fire, nothing will help you.

Now is the time to decide what you’re going to do. Don’t be standing frozen when an attacker comes along. Use the tools and advice my site offers and you’ll have options available to you should the unthinkable happen.

Self-defense is an unfortunate need thanks to the current state of our world. Take charge of your life and protect yourself and those you love today.